To those of you who faithfully read my blog – thank you! It’s been a while since my last post because I have been updating my computer software. Nevertheless, I was so excited to put up some photos from Ryan and Nick’s wedding last month. Ryan looked so elegant, and of course I loved the girls’ JCrew dresses! The reception at The Lockview in downtown Akron was great – the food was delicious, and the dance party on the roof of the restaurant was totally unique! Instead of a traditional wedding cake, Ryan and Nick selected various cupcakes from the adorable shop, Main Street Cupcakes in Hudson. What a treat!


0039 Kindsvatter


0077 Kindsvatter


0073 Kindsvatter


0110 Kindsvatter


0063 Kindsvatter


0122 Kindsvatter


0056 Kindsvatter


0168 Kindsvatter


0153 Kindsvatter


0318 Kindsvatter


0559 Kindsvatter


0664 Kindsvatter


0760 Kindsvatter