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My relatives really care that we all know our relational status with one another. When people say that someone is their second cousin, I always wonder if that is accurate. My cousin’s son is my first cousin once removed. My daughter and my cousin’s son are second cousins. You’re welcome. 🙂

I’m so glad that my FAMILY – my cousin Tamara, her husband, and their adorable son, Simon – are back in Ohio! Yes, they are still a couple hours away, but we hardly ever got to see them when they lived in Chicago, and now they are just a short distance from my sister. I got to take some photos of Simon and his parents last week. Here are some of my favorites.

familyphoto familyphoto-2 familyphoto-3 familyphoto-4 familyphoto-5 familyphoto-6 familyphoto-7 familyphoto-8 familyphoto-9 familyphoto-10