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Gotta love this couple! My sister, Rachel, and her adorable husband-to-be are getting married! Brad and I couldn’t be happier for these two. They’re planning a destination wedding in Florida, for which I’ll photograph and be the matron-of-honor (of course Brad will help with the pictures)!  I took Rachel and Brent’s engagement pictures in Columbus last week. Brent pretended to be annoyed when we picked through his wardrobe and made him drive us all around Columbus for scenic spots (we went to Dublin, OSU, and other random pretty areas), but I know he was secretly enjoying every bit of it! Brent, we can’t wait until you’re part of our family. I love you two!


Kalb Engagement 028


Kalb Engagement 026


Kalb Engagement 047


Kalb Engagement 077


Kalb Engagement 101


Kalb Engagement 135


Kalb Engagement 161


Kalb Engagement 180


When we met with Melissa and Nick last year at Starbucks, we fell in love with them right away. This couple likes to have a good time! Their wedding last Saturday was a blast. Melissa looked like Cinderella in her dress, and Nick cracked us up with his “Backstreet Boys” impressions. Although the forecast called for rain, the sky was crystal clear for their outdoor ceremony. During the reception, Melissa and Nick wanted to duck outside for some more pictures – some of which I think are really cool! Melissa and Nick, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day.


Thompson 437


Thompson 091


Thompson 0186


Thompson 0114


Thompson 166


Thompson 431


Thompson 442


Thompson 0456


Thompson 460


Thompson 0521


Thompson 0514

Andi and Jay’s wedding last Friday was full of class. Of course we are biased toward Friday evening weddings, as we were married on a Friday – we just like to be different! From the columns in front of the Cleveland church to the ornate balconies at the country club reception, this wedding was beautiful. We truly adored working with Andi and Jay, as they were both so gracious and easy going. They planned plenty of time for photos, which is a photographer’s dream. Here are some of our favorite shots from the day. Enjoy!


Fowler 173


Fowler 190


Fowler 193


Fowler 239


Fowler 453


Fowler 466


Fowler 493


Fowler 549


Fowler 730


Fowler 741


Fowler 0838


Fowler 0856


Fowler 0679

This morning I took pictures of one of my girlfriend’s 6 week old twin nieces. Cayanna and Caylee were so precious! The girls’ big sister, Cadyn, was a big help with their pacifiers. Those babies are lucky to have her around! There isn’t much posing when it comes to photographing newborns, but I think all three girls  (and their mom!) were naturals in front of the camera! Check out some of the photos.  

Twins 179

Twins 157a


Twins 182


Twins 116a


Twins 181


Twins 185


Twins 186


Twins 098a


Twins 180


Twins 187

On Saturday evening, Brad and I had the privilege of photographing “There’s No Place Like Home,” a dance performance by Praise His Name with Dancing ( This was a new experience for us – photographing a dance recital was a first. We took many experimental shots, and I think we got some cool images that capture the motion of the dances. Photographing the show was such a neat experience for me, as I used to dance with this company. I wish I was still that flexible! Scott and Diana, the owners of PHNWD, do an amazing job with this performance every year. Check out some of the pictures from Saturday!





















PHNWD 799a

What a beautiful day! The sun was shining, and Catharine looked stunning. The courthouse in Washington, PA made for great pictures, and the old hotel was exquisite. The ceremony was held outside, and Catharine’s veil caught the sunlight just right to get some glowing shots. Catharine and Joe looked so in love as they danced under the antiqued pavilion. These are some of my favorite shots from the day. I hope you enjoy!


Shape 297


Shape 294


Shape 339


Shape 357


Shape 366


Shape 483


Shape 489


Shape 521


Shape 0211a


Shape 554


Shape 565


Shape 609a


Shape 628


Shape 1856



Shape 845a


Shape 835


Shape 0603