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Super sweet Sierra posed with sass during her photo session (catch the alliteration?!). I’m not sure how we dodged the rain – the forecast called for showers all day, but the weather was pretty ideal for senior pictures. A little crisp, but the sun came out from behind the clouds for a bit, which proves once again that weather in Akron, Ohio is completely unpredictable. Back to Sierra. This girl seriously knows how to work the camera. I, on the other hand, was totally uninspiring. Really, I never had to come up with a pose or anything because she was a complete natural. On days like these, I truly adore my job!


Allison and Josh had a beautiful wedding in Brecksville, Ohio a couple weekends ago. Allison – who looked absolutely stunning – did a fabulous job planning all the details of this vintage-inspired October wedding. From her sophisticated veil to the “fall in love” caramel apples adorning the tables at the reception, everything was very thought out and made for a gorgeous wedding.

I met with Natalie a couple weeks ago after scheduling and rescheduling our photo session a few times due to the cold and rainy weather. Natalie was super sweet and easygoing. Here are a few pictures from our session.

After several rainy days, the sun came out for Holly’s senior photos, and I’m so glad it did! I’ve known this girl since she was a baby, so taking her pictures was super fun. What a beauty, and what gorgeous long hair, right?! I’ve always wanted to take pictures by the big DANCE sign, so since Holly is a skilled dancer, this made my day!