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Rebecca and Justin got married last Saturday at Sarah’s Vineyard. What a gorgeous day! Rebecca looked beautiful in her dress, and the whole bridal party was very easy going and up for trying lots of different shots – I  love the train station! The reception was so entertaining. I had never seen so many people on a dance floor! Rebecca and Justin, it was a pleasure photographing your special day!


Wilde 0070


Wilde 0106


Wilde 0282


Wilde 0323


Wilde 0528


Wilde 0531

Wilde 0534


Wilde 0583


Wilde 0549


Wilde 0559


Wilde 0591


Wilde 0639


Wilde 0643


Wilde 0854


Wilde 0855


I had a blast photographing Stacie and John’s wedding a couple weeks ago. They arranged for me to take pictures of them seeing each other before their ceremony at the Sheraton in front of the falls. It was very romantic! Their ceremony was at Hale Farm, which made a beautiful backdrop for tons of classy pictures. The ladies at the Sheraton did a fabulous job with the reception – the food was delicious! Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day. Enjoy!


Bullock 0181


Bullock 0160


Bullock 0186


Bullock 0327


Bullock 0345


Bullock 0351


Bullock 0360


Bullock 0366


Bullock 0387


Bullock 0398


Bullock 0434


Bullock 0437


Bullock 0445


Bullock 0480


Bullock 0486


Bullock 0743


Bullock 0735


Bullock 0747


Bullock 0218


Bullock 0778

Last Tuesday evening I had the pleasure of working with Niki and Chris. They are such a sweet couple, and I had a blast taking their engagement pictures. These two like the outdoors, so I took most of their photos at different parks in Akron.I think they look very in love in these candid photos.  Check out some of my favorites.  


Blough Johnson Engagement 141


Blough Johnson Engagement 179a


Blough Johnson Engagement 245


Blough Johnson Engagement 071