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My niece Claire turned 1 last week, and yesterday I was able to take some pictures of her. She LOVED the balloons; unfortunately we lost the 4 pink ones when trying to tie them to her wrist! Here are a few of my favorites. Happy Birthday sweet girl!






Last weekend my cousin Eric married his longtime girlfriend, Jess, in Duck, North Carolina. During their nontraditional wedding (Jess wore an adorable GREEN dress – how fun!), the couple and their bridal party made the most of the cool weather – who would have thought that most the guests would be wearing jackets and blankets during a beach wedding?! Despite the wind, everyone smiled and really seemed to enjoy the day – I know I did. Jess did an amazing job with all the decorations – the pinwheels were a great touch! As for Eric’s brother, Keith – best best man speech ever! I love you guys!

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