Girl goes to Spain. Girl meets Boy. Girl and Boy fall in love. Girl and Boy move back to the states and get married. I get to photograph their English/Spanish wedding! Okay, so I’m sure their story is a little more involved than that. I was just pumped to be able to spend the day with one of my favorite families for the second time. Meet Jen and Javi. The first time I met them was when I photographed Jen’s brother, Eric’s wedding back in May. I had already booked Jen’s wedding – she was still living in Spain at the time and booked me solely on her soon-to-be sister-in-law’s recommendation. I had a blast working with this family at Eric and Jane’s wedding, and I was super excited about working with them again. These siblings know how to work the camera…and the dance floor! Jen, you looked so beautiful. And kudos to you for planning your wedding from a different country! Enhorabuena!