In an effort to scale back on weddings this year, I still managed to book two weddings over Memorial Day weekend. I am so happy I did. I simply adore both couples! On Saturday I had the privilege of photographing Jane and Eric’s beautiful wedding at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and Portage Country Club. Jane and I go way back – several years ago – when we were both life guards/swim instructors. I – probably too old to still be twirling a whistle – was beginning to look at photography as more than just a hobby. Dear, sweet Jane, who was just in high school at the time, said to me, “When my boyfriend and I get married after college, I’d like you to photograph my wedding.” How precious, right? Of course I dismissed it, and we all went on with our lives. Fast forward about five years to last March when I received an email from Jane with the subject “I’m finally getting married!” When I met with Jane and her mother for a consultation, I reassured her that, although I would be thrilled to photograph her wedding, I was not holding her to it, and if she went a different route with the photography, I completely understood. Well, this girl is loyal, and getting to work with Jane and Eric and their families last Saturday was such an honor. Watching the slide show production at their reception definitely helped me feel “in,” and now I understand why Jane – and everyone else! – knew she and Eric would last.

About these photos. Jane was very clear about not wanting her photos to look posed. All candid. All natural. All fun. Non-traditional. So that’s what we went for. Of course I love candid pictures, but often when it comes to photographing a bride and groom with or without their bridal party, people become stiff and really want direction. Not this group. They were phenomenal – laughing and really seeming at ease in front of the camera, which made photographing them a breeze. I’m looking forward to seeing them again this August when I will be photographing the groom’s sister, Jen’s wedding. Much love to you all!

P.S. Isn’t Jane gorgeous? Oh, she was just glowing!