It was such a privilege to photograph Brittany and Tim’s wedding this September. Although we did not really know them at the time, Brad and I were seniors at Malone College when Brittany and Tim were freshmen. Tim, previously known to me as “The Birthday Guy,” made birthday cards for everyone who lived on campus. Since I have known Brittany’s mom for the past few years, I was thrilled when I was asked to photograph her daughter’s wedding. I couldn’t wait to meet the guy who drew pictures on thousands of birthday cards! We really enjoyed photographing Brittany and Tim’s wedding. After the ceremony we headed to Stan Hywet for some bridal party pictures. Despite the rain, everyone had a great attitude and didn’t mind getting a little wet. Brittany and Tim, you two had a beautiful wedding. You look great together, and we are so blessed to have been a part of your special day!


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