Brad and I took some photos last night of my brother’s band, Owlbear, playing at Musica in downtown Akron. Although I can’t really understand the lyrics (I know I sound so old when I say that!), their music is pretty good. Check out their myspace page at . I wouldn’t normally like pictures that are blurred, but I think these photos have an artsy feel, and I like them. It kind of looks like I photoshopped a lot to get that…retro look, or whatever you call it, but the images are just a result of the guys’ movements on the stage and the weird red lighting. Anyway, way to go, Owlbear!!!


Owl Bear 038

My brother, Brian is a guitarist. Like the bandana?


Owl Bear 018

Steve on the drums…


Owl Bear 139

Craig plays the guitar and sings…he’s the one who always tells me when the guys have a gig. Brian always forgets! Thanks, Craig.


Owl Bear 091

Corey plays bass…


Owl Bear 169a

Brad got this picture of Brian. Pretty cool!


Owl Bear 026


Owl Bear 089


Owl Bear 069


Owl Bear 117


Owl Bear 188


Owl Bear 099

See what I mean about the weird red lighting…retro look?


Owl Bear 076