Gotta love this couple! My sister, Rachel, and her adorable husband-to-be are getting married! Brad and I couldn’t be happier for these two. They’re planning a destination wedding in Florida, for which I’ll photograph and be the matron-of-honor (of course Brad will help with the pictures)!  I took Rachel and Brent’s engagement pictures in Columbus last week. Brent pretended to be annoyed when we picked through his wardrobe and made him drive us all around Columbus for scenic spots (we went to Dublin, OSU, and other random pretty areas), but I know he was secretly enjoying every bit of it! Brent, we can’t wait until you’re part of our family. I love you two!


Kalb Engagement 028


Kalb Engagement 026


Kalb Engagement 047


Kalb Engagement 077


Kalb Engagement 101


Kalb Engagement 135


Kalb Engagement 161


Kalb Engagement 180