Andi and Jay’s wedding last Friday was full of class. Of course we are biased toward Friday evening weddings, as we were married on a Friday – we just like to be different! From the columns in front of the Cleveland church to the ornate balconies at the country club reception, this wedding was beautiful. We truly adored working with Andi and Jay, as they were both so gracious and easy going. They planned plenty of time for photos, which is a photographer’s dream. Here are some of our favorite shots from the day. Enjoy!


Fowler 173


Fowler 190


Fowler 193


Fowler 239


Fowler 453


Fowler 466


Fowler 493


Fowler 549


Fowler 730


Fowler 741


Fowler 0838


Fowler 0856


Fowler 0679